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Clearview Youth Lacrosse

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Program Overview

Our philosophy is to provide all participating players with a positive and fun learning environment with an emphasis on the fundamental aspects of the game. It is our belief that fun and enjoyment of the game remains the most important element for success. The developmental age of the participant is taken into consideration with regards to the content and the delivery of the sessions. The Clearview Youth Lacrosse Program will be run as one unit with every coach of every age group working collectively to teach the same philosophy and fundamentals of the game. We will be teaching stick skills, offensive and defensive positioning and movement, field sense, small and big game concepts and a willingness to compete with every age group.

The Clearview Youth Lacrosse Program is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of the game of lacrosse and preparing them for the field of competition. We are about promoting a positive coaching and playing environment, teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment, and having fun, as well as advancing the sport of lacrosse. We want each and every participant to feel like they have made a contribution to themselves as well as to their respective team both on and off the field. Our goal is to teach them the game of lacrosse as well as teach them valuable life lessons. The program is designed for all Clearview area youth ranging from Kindergarten to 8th Grade.

Our program is designed for any player who wants to learn the game of lacrosse. Practices will be planned according to the players’ needs. We will divide the players according to their level of play in each age group in order to meet the needs of each player at their individual level. Our goal is to make every player better throughout the season and still keep the game of lacrosse fun and enjoyable.

Our focus will be on four major areas of the game:

  1. Technical – Core Skills-Stick skills-Passing/Catching-1v1 Attacking and Defending
  2. Tactical – Game Concepts-Seeing the Field-Decision Making-Team Play
  3. Mental – Mind-set of a young player-Will to compete-Work ethic-Attitude
  4. Physical – Foundation of a young athlete-Agility-Acceleration-Change of speeds-Endurance


#1 USA LACROSSE MEMBERSHIP- USA Lacrosse is the national governing body in the United States. They also provide the insurance for our program. Before participating in ANY CYLC program (whether it is a practice, training, games, etc.) you must first register to become a USA Lacrosse member. It is mandatory for all players, coaches, and volunteers that their membership span the length of our program and/or season. If you do not provide your USA Lacrosse Membership Number before the start of our program(s), you will not be allowed to participate.

Visit USA Lacrosse to sign-up for, or renew, your US Lacrosse number. Your number needs to be valid through 06/01/2022. A U.S. Lacrosse number registration costs $30 per year.

#2 LACROSSE STICK – Lacrosse sticks come in different shapes and sizes depending on the age, gender and position of the player. Please see the stick requirements for the respective genders on the boys and girls team pages within the USA Lacrosse Guidebook.

#3 PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT – Please see a listing of appropriate equipment.

Lacrosse equipment can be found at Lacrosse Republic, Dick’s Sport Goods, and Play It Again Sports to name a few local shops. Initially, we suggest either looking for “Starter Gear Packs” or purchasing used/renting gear from Play It Again Sports as less expensive options.

EVALUATIONS: Dates to TBD. Tentatively scheduled for November

SEASON: Practices begin mid-to-late February, games begin in late March.

PRACTICES: 2-3x a week at PVS or William Wilt.

BOYS GAMES: depending on age – either Friday nights and/or Saturday mornings or afternoons. 

GIRLS GAMES: depending on age – either Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons.

SCOOPERS: Clinic once a week at PVS

BOYS EQUIPMENT: Men’s stick, helmet, mouth guard, cleats, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads and athletic cup.